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Royalty-free stock footage

Check out our demo reel of royalty-free stock video clipsSilverman Stock Footage is about uniqueness. Whether you need extraordinary aerial and time lapse scenes or wild and wacky glimpses of Americana, we're your one-stop resource for stock footage. Our library ranges from fabulous HD contemporary footage to archival films from as far back as the early 1900's. And we thought we were old-timers, having been producing award-winning TV spots, marketing and public relations films, and educational videos since 1981 as Silverman Productions, Inc.

Through the years we've shot a lot of unique footage. And gathered even more from some of the best filmmakers across the country. We have shots of buildings, cities, landmarks, wildlife, and ocean life. We have Xtreme (and not-so-Xtreme) sports. We can supply you with special effects, lifestyle shots, and scenes of agriculture, aircraft, race cars, resorts, aerospace, animals, nature, rain forests, and (*pant*pant*pant*) a whole slew of other subjects. Give us your needs and we'll give you a great selection of stock shots to choose from at a great price.

Royalty-free stock footage and videoclips

Royalty-free stock footage
Royalty-free stock footage and videoclips
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